• Frame is extra heavy duty, shot-blasted, powder coated and one of the best protected on the market
  • Polyethylene bin – No Rusting!
  • 800mm Belt which is chain driven meaning it will not slip
  • A wide belt prevents ‘bridging’ of material as it exits the bin onto the spinners
  • Chain which drives the belt is positively ground driven with heavy duty sprockets and chains – extra-long life.
  • Ground driven belt means a consistent flow of material to the spinners no matter what speed the tractor is travelling
  • Hydraulically driven spinners activated using only 1 bank of rear remotes, Belt drive is engaged at the same time that the spinners are activated and can be disengaged at speed at the end of the headland.
  • Spinner speed is very easy to set, using a digital tacho, simply set your tractor’s engine speed you will run the machine at, then adjust the hydraulic flow using the flow control on the machine.
  • If tractor doesn’t have flow control, set hydraulics in motion, stand at the spinners with a digital tacho, driver adjusts revs until the desired RPM is reached. That rev setting is what the tractor will need to maintain in order to keep the spinner speed constant and correct.


Give us a call today on 03 5232 8800 to talk to us about our range of spreaders. Our team stands behind every SAM spreader needs with a quality warranty.

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If you are looking for a high-quality spreader to cover your needs whether it be spreading manure, lime, urea or superphosphate - SAM Machinery have a rugged, high performace spreader for you.

Sam spreaders are versatile pieces of spreading equipment and are designed and manufactured with superior quality. Our focus is to provide you with product with strength, durability, and reliability at the core. They can be utilised for spreading lime, fertiliser, chook manure, urea and other basic forms of nutrients to the growth of plants. Depending on your needs, SAM offers single or double axle spreaders as well as hopper covers available. Hopper extensions of SAM spreaders are easy to operate and capable of increasing 4-tonne spreading equipment to a 5-tonne spreader.

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Coombridge & Alexander boasts a reputable company focusing on research, design and manufacturing agricultural products with more than 70 years’ experience. Now they control the complete design and manufacturing process of SAM Machinery.

SAM spreaders are famous for their performance-based practical design and easy operation. The range of SAM products, such as SAM fertiliser spreaders, SAM belt spreader, SAM trailing spreader, SAM manure spreader is also the ultimate combination of power, precision, and performance, delivering unparalleled efficiency in the field.

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